You might know Pele as the goddess of fire and volcanoes. But there are numerous other gods and goddesses in Hawaiian mythology. This episode introduc...View Details

The history of the Hawaiian Islands is a sad story about gruesome battles, the rise and fall of the Kamehameha and Kalākaua dynasties as well as the o...View Details

Hey there and welcome to the Science of Travel Podcast! In this episode you can find out what Earth Science is and why listening to this podcast is we...View Details

The Hawaiian language, or 'Ōlelo Hawai'i, is a beautiful language whose alphabet consists of only 13 letters. In this episode we uncover the reason fo...View Details

The Hawaiian language is melodious, soft and soothing. Unfortunately, it is threatend by extinction, as are many endemic Hawaiian plant and animal spe...View Details

#1: Introduction

Welcome to the Science of Travel Podcast, I'm so happy you're here! Listen to this introduction to find out what this podcast is all about. xx - Danie...View Details

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