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The SoT Podcast combines the passion for travel with Earth Science in order to generate deep connections and fond relationships with the nature and people we come in touch with. We'll talk about our beautiful planet Earth as a whole and specifically about formation & Earth surface processes, spectacular travel destinations and other topics as they relate to nature and living a good life in general. I publish a blog article which includes a transcript along with each each episode, you can find the link in the show notes.

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Sunday May 08, 2022

It's not a secret. Many people want to visit Iceland – and many do. From 1996 until today, the number of yearly visitor arrivals multiplied by a factor of 10. In the year 1996 about 200,000 tourist arrivals were registered. In 2017, for the first time, over 2 million arrivals were recorded within one year. This calls for responsible, sustainable and educated travels. When planning and booking your trip, integrate as many sustainability and educational components as possible. This podcast episode / blog article helps you to get started with your responsible and conscious Iceland adventure.   Sustainable Travel Checklist (free instant download)   Shownotes and Transcript   Podcast updates / STORIES OF EARTH newsletter

Wednesday Apr 13, 2022

Cretaceous, Holocene, Mesozoic, Cambrian, Phanerozoic ... What the *bananas* do all these words mean? These words describe long time periods in Earth's history. Commonly, these time periods are refered to as "eras". But, geologically speaking, this isn't entirely correct. Let's have a closer look. In this episode you'll find out: How the geologic timescale is structured What deep time is What era we live in What era the dinosaurs lived in What the timescale has got to do with you Where you can learn more about Earth's historyWelcome to the SCIENCE OF TRAVEL podcast! I'm Daniela, a geoscientist (B.Sc.) and passionate about Earth, landscape formation, respectful traveling and philosophical thoughts.   BLOG ARTICLE WITH TRANSCRIPT + TIMESCALE   MENTOR EARTH program   STORIES OF EARTH newsletter

Wednesday Feb 23, 2022

Do you believe time traveling is possible? No? I challenge that! Rocks and fossils tell the million and billion year old stories of Earth and landscapes. But you don't speak "Rock-ish"? Not a problem! Geologists are rock- and landscape translators. When you go on a tour with a geologist, they'll explain to you the scenery in front of you and translate what the rocks say in words you understand. James Cresswell, owner and founder of GeoWorld Travel, is such a geologist, adept at telling the stories of rocks and landscapes so that you, the traveler, understands. GeoWorld Travel is a tour operator specializing in geology trips. In today's podcast episode, you'll find out: Who James is and why he established GeoWorld Travel What parts of the world James traveled prior to founding GeoWorld Travel What destinations James offers How long his geo trips are What travelers gain from booking a tour with James Why learning about the geology of a destination is enriching Why traveling is important How James deals with feeling guilty about operating a travel company How grasping geologic time has influenced James's outlook on life and his decisions Show notes Transcript Blog: Connect with James Contact James: GeoWorld Travel: PolarWorld Travel: James personal website: GeoWorld Travel Instagram: PolarWorld Travel Instagram:   Connect with Daniela (podcaster) STORIES OF EARTH E-LETTER:

Tuesday Dec 21, 2021

***Sign up for the STORIES OF EARTH newsletter below to stay in the loop*** Until a few seconds before it happened I wasn't sure I had the guts to go through with it. But then I did.  You'll find out what I did and the following in this episode: Why do we have winter on Earth? How are the seasons caused? What effect does the tilting of the earth have? What is the anomaly of water? Why is ice less dense than water? What happens when water freezes? Why do lakes freeze over? Why can we bath in ice holes?   FINLAND travel course waitlist Join the waitlist   STORIES OF EARTH newsletter   Transcript  

Thursday Nov 04, 2021

***Sign up for the STORIES OF EARTH newsletter below to stay in the loop*** What can EarthyMe and EarthyUniversity do for you? How can you benefit from listening and reading the content shared on this small corner of the internet? Is this worth your precious, limited time on this blue marble? Why aren't travel guides enough for travel preparation? Not-so-subtle-hint: YES YES YES, it is, a thousand times YES!! I'll explain to you why in this episode. Sit back, go for a walk, enjoy, stay and subscribe to the newsletter for complete benefit. Oh and - thanks for being here - I appreciate you very much (truly, madly, deeply).   STORIES OF EARTH newsletter   Transcript  

Sunday Oct 10, 2021

***Sign up for the Stories of Earth newsletter below for podcast notifications & more***   "Let's go out into nature. Let's relax, have fun, get out of the city, escape the concrete jungle." That's a phrase we've all said not only once in our lives. I'm guilty, too.  However, if you think about it, it's not possible to GO TO nature. Because you're already there. We are an integral part of nature. Today I'm sharing why I think nature is not a place to go to. I'm curious to know: would you agree?   Transcript   Stories of Earth Newsletter   Free Audio Guide: How to be a better traveler forever  

Saturday Sep 25, 2021

***Sign up for the Stories of Earth newsletter below for podcast notifications & more***   Barbados is a dream destination for many. But few know why this tiny island in the Atlantic exists at all and I think only few ever wonder why it exists at all. Let me tell you the story of the formation of Barbados. And if you ever travel there, remember this magnificent story.   Transcript   Stories of Earth Newsletter   Free Audio Guide: How to be a better traveler forever  

Sunday Jun 27, 2021

While talking to Heather I once again realized that tourism plays a crucial part in shaping people's worldviews - if it is combined with education. Heather Thorkelson is the owner of Twin Tracks Expeditions, a polar expedition agency, and a polar guide who has been in the Antarctic over 30 times. Heather and I talked about How Heather became a polar guide What Twin Tracks Expeditions is How Heather and her team handle concerns regarding climate change Why a visit to the Arctic or Antarctic will change your view of the world How tourism can be used for good Why tourism shouldn't be condemned What it's like to be a polar guide on a ship for months How to travel to the polar regions Shownotes Twin Tracks Expeditions website: AntArctic Podcast: Twin Tracks Expeditions on Instagram: Heather on Instagram: Transcript: Stories of Earth Newsletter:   Episode image: Chinstrap penguins on Two Hummock Island off the Antarctic Peninsula, photo by Derek Oyen on Unsplash

Sunday Jun 13, 2021

Please welcome the first guest on the SoT Podcast and listen to this truly insightful and inspiring conversation. Shestin is a Hawai’i local. Shestin is kind, generous and cares about the well-being of the world and Hawai’i. Let’s listen to what he has to say. Shestin and I talked about: The origin of American entitlement in regards to traveling What tourists should do to have a meaningful Hawai’i vacation What role knowledge about Hawai’i plays for having a great experience The sensitivity of Hawaiian ecosystems The difference between American and European travelers The distinction between tourist vs. traveler We each pick our favorite Hawaiian Island And much more!! Definitely check out at least one of the organizations Shestin recommends: Kahea: Kupu: Kōkua Hawai'i Foundation: Maui Invasive Species Committee: Hawai'i Conservation Alliance: The Nature Conservancy: Hawai`i Marine Animal Response: Surfrider Foundation:   Contact Shestin @shestino on Instagram or via mail at shestin[at]   Here are the links to the Travel Online Course about Hawai’i: Transcript to this episode on the Science of Travel Blog: 

Sunday May 09, 2021

Have you ever heard somebody ask what the difference between Hawai'i and Disneyland was? I hope not, because it's an absurd comparison. Yet, this is a question I read in a thread on Tripadvisor. I'm sharing my thoughts in this episode. I'm also throwing in my two cents on how you could be a better Hawai'i tourist (and avoid shitty assumptions about Hawai'i like the above).    Transcript   Hawai'i online travel course: Formation and Nature   Free Pre-Travel Hawai'i Course   Stories of Earth Newsletter

Sunday Apr 25, 2021

Sounds FREAKING FANTASTIC RIGHT? The Story of Rocks. UH. ⁠Okay, maybe only exciting to geologists. But this episode is NOT aimed at geologists, but at YOU. Daniela is taking you on a virtual hike through the mountains and chats with you about the three major rock types as defined by geologists the difference between rocks and minerals what minerals are made of how minerals and rocks are held together After listening to this episode you'll start to wonder what rocks are in your backyard, you'll comprehend better why rocks are fascinating as heck to geologists, and why they should be interesting to you, too.   Blog & Transcript   Stories of Earth Newsletter    Free audio training (How to be a better traveler forever) 

Thursday Apr 22, 2021

This is a message addressed at Earth, but it'll surely touch you, too. After listening you'll feel grounded, peaceful and back in touch with nature a tad bit more.   Free audio training (How to become a better traveler forever) Biweekly Earth Stories: Transcript: EarthDay Website:

Monday Mar 15, 2021

Hawaiian life changed tremendously after the settlers from the western world arrived. They introduced diseases that decimated the native Hawaiian population, as well as crops we nowadays believe are native to Hawai'i, when in fact they're not. Find out which plants were introduced by the Polynesians as well as the European settlers. I'm sure you'll be surprised by the origin of at least one plant. And, did you know that Hawai'i is also producing one of the world's best coffees? Free Hawai'i Course Transcript Hawai'i online travel course: Formation and Nature

Monday Mar 08, 2021

Media, movies and series such as Hawai'i 5-0 (which I LOVE) portrait Hawai'i as pure paradise with happy people, beautiful humans with flawless bodies, pristine beaches and lush greenery. Hawaiian feasts with sexy hula dancers and pool parties. While a few of these assumptions are true, such as the portrayal of the friendship, camaradery, love and support for others, Hawai'i is being stigmatized and made into an attraction. It is important to remember and respect the traditions and roots of the Hawaiian culture and their true meaning. Let's venture past clichés and explore true Hawaiian life. Free Hawai'i course Transcript Hawai'i online travel course: Formation and Nature

Monday Mar 01, 2021

You might know Pele as the goddess of fire and volcanoes. But there are numerous other gods and goddesses in Hawaiian mythology. This episode introduces you to the most important gods and goddesses and one of the most important spiritual concepts on the islands.   Free Hawai'i course Transcript Hawai'i online travel course: Formation and Nature

Monday Feb 01, 2021

The history of the Hawaiian Islands is a sad story about gruesome battles, the rise and fall of the Kamehameha and Kalākaua dynasties as well as the oppression and decline of a rich culture. Hawai'i's history was gravely impacted by the initial discovery and later the arrival of European settlers and American missionaries and businessmen. This episode gives insights about the: 1) Discovery and Settlement 2) Monarchy and Republic 3) Annexation by the United States Free Hawai'i pre-travel course Transcript Hawai'i online travel course: Formation and Nature

Monday Jan 18, 2021

The Hawaiian language, or 'Ōlelo Hawai'i, is a beautiful language whose alphabet consists of only 13 letters. In this episode we uncover the reason for this, learn about the origins of the Hawaiian language, its current critical status and what you (as a visitor to Hawai'i) can do to help prevent further language loss. Free Hawai'i course Transcript Hawai'i online travel course: Formation and Nature

Monday Jan 18, 2021

The Hawaiian language is melodious, soft and soothing. Unfortunately, it is threatend by extinction, as are many endemic Hawaiian plant and animal species. As a tourist, you can make a difference! And it is really simple: learn the meaning and pronunciation of some of the most important words and phrases and use them while you're vacationing in Hawai'i. Free Hawai'i course Transcript Hawai'i online travel course: Formation and Nature

Monday Jan 18, 2021

Hey there and welcome to the Science of Travel Podcast! In this episode you can find out what Earth Science is and why listening to this podcast is well worth your time. xx - Daniela Get the Stories of Earth newsletter Transcript

Saturday Jan 16, 2021

Welcome to the Science of Travel Podcast, I'm so happy you're here! Listen to this introduction to find out what this podcast is all about. xx - Daniela Get the Stories of Earth newsletter Transcript  

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